Slovenian Athletic Federation, the Association of Balkan Athletic Federations, Athletic club Velenje and Velenje Municipality have joined forces to prepare the second edition of the new, innovative concept of "Balkanation", a competition, which will be in organised on Slovenian territory for the second time in a row. The event will take place on 26 September 2015.

It is a team athletic competition, where representatives of 9 ABAF member states will demonstrate how it looks like when the individual competitors join forces at the national level and compete with other teams in an innovative concept of a competition with interesting scoring.

At the Velenje stadium over 100 world-class athletes from the region, which stretches from Slovenia, through Greece and Turkey to Armenia and Cyprus, will compete.

Teams will compete in 18 disciplines in eight male, eight women and two combined disciplines, while the ultimate winner will be entitled Balkan champion. Individual results will not be counted at the competition, only team achievements will be measured. The dynamic plan competition will ensure a constant exciting atmosphere at the stadium.


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